I love the material called Remington bone best for the handle of folding knives.
I met it about 10 years ago at a shop in Tokyo. I had never seen its wonderful jigging, luster and color of bones till then.
  It is almost impossible to get such a rare material in Japan now and I have only a few pairs left in stock. So, I tried to make similar jigged bones to Remington bone.
It was a big challenge for me.

My favorite jigging tools & reference book

I consulted "How to make MULTI-BLADE FOLDING KNIVES / Bone Jigging and Dyeing" written by Terry Davis. Especially, his words in 6 pages of his book were a good help. And Remington bone which great craftsmen had left was also a model.
  For example, I remade many chisels, color combination of dye and so on.
At first, the result was not satisfying.
But I didn't give up. What I did were hard and not easy but interesting.

A: My task is to make bones basic brown dyed with "Black Alder" first
and then make them a little darker.

B: The basic deep green of "Boker Bone" is finished in good touch.

C: The color of "Dyed Smooth Bone and Jigged Bone" is my favorite.
So using them is a basic way of my making Tozaki bone at present.

At last, I have made my own original jigged bones named

No.1~No.11 & Special No.12